“We are called to dissipate the shadow of ignorance and promote the development of the whole person, with emphasis to the poor (const.XXIII, 31) and to transcend the literary, cultural, and scientific concepts to the students in such a way that they implant the values of God’s goodness, His creation, the dignity of human life, and solidarity.
We will be distinguish in our relationship with students by: our tenderness,patience, and love.”

Computer lab in Peru G.E.D. Class in Mexico
Elementary school in Perú Students in Waco, TX
Day Care for working moms Kindergarten graduation in Waco, TX
Clase en el Peru Outside the school in Trujillo
A classroom in Perú Outside the school in Trujillo, Perú
Grupu Garden outside school
The students in Trujillo, Perú The garden outside the school in Trujillo, Perú
dining room  
Cafeteria in the school in Trujillo, Perú  


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